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      17 Sep 2016 Here are the 15 Greatest TV Opening Credit Sequences. 8 The X-Files. 7 Game of Thrones. 6 Mad Men. 5 Dexter. 4 Cheers. 3 True Detective (Season One) 2 The Sopranos. 1 The Simpsons. We’ve seen a lot of different ways a show can feature a compelling title sequence throughout this list.
      16 Jul 2014 The best TV opening credits and theme songs from the past 20 years. The 20 Best TV Credit Sequences of the Last 20 Years the Linden refineries, to name a few — you’ve got Tony Soprano as your personal tour guide.Be it the inclusion of a catchy song or a constantly evolving opening title sequence that changes from episode to episode, these are the best opening seconds in
      3 Nov 2015 The 50 Best Opening Credit Sequences Of All Time. An immaculately designed opening, usually paired with a specially scored theme . intro (so iconic that the excellent TV series uses it in every episode), we’re greeted with pure white. . as they only feature the title of the movie with no other listings.
      8 Oct 2009 reviewed the best of the best title sequences throughout TV history (and Don’t act like this theme song wasn’t your ringtone for at least six months, . It is almost universally considered the best opening sequence in TV history! .. TV Guide Digital Network | Privacy Policy | Ad Choice | Terms of Use.
      4 Jan 2017 Whatever the focus of the show, the opening sequence braces the audience for . Series creator Joss Whedon wrote the show’s theme song,
      9 Nov 2013
      12 Apr 2017 This week’s episode of the Vulture TV Podcast was inspired by one of our listeners, Diego Bayon, who asked: “I was wondering if you guys
      18 Aug 2017 The 22 Best Opening Credits From TV’s Modern Age. As chosen . I never dared to glance at the TV, but I’ll never forget that Alabama 3 song.

      20 Jun 2017 The 50 greatest TV show opening credits ever made, from The we’re talking opening credits sequences as a while, not theme tunes. image.


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