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      submodularity in machine learning new directions part i

      online submodular maximization

      strictly submodular

      the adaptive complexity of maximizing a submodular function

      submodular functions survey

      constrained submodular minimization

      greedy submodular function

      submodular optimization python

      Convex aspects: Submodular minimization. 3. Concave aspects: Submodular maximization. Jan Vondrak (IBM Almaden). Submodular Optimization Tutorial.
      Lazy?Greedy. Threshold ?Greegy eps=0.7. Threshold ?Greegy eps=0.8. Threshold ?Greegy eps=0.9. Sample?Greedy p =0.13. Sample?Greedy p = 0.23.
      Overview. This page collects some material and references related to submodular optimization, with applications in particular in machine learning and AI.
      20 Oct 2010 Among these set-functions, submodular functions play an important role, similar to convex functions on vector spaces. In this tutorial, the theory
      Tutorial Lectures on Submodular Optimization. Satoru Iwata ?. August 21, 2009. 1 Acyclic Orientation. We start with some concrete algorithmic problem on
      reformulated in the context of submodular optimization. They have In some sense submodular functions are the discrete analogue of .. submod-tutorial-1.pdf.
      2 Aug 2015 According to Lovasz [Lovasz, 1983a]. Submodular functions occur in many mathematical models in. Economics, Engineering, Science
      7 Jan 2016
      Submodular Functions and Optimization (Fujishige, 2005). – Discrete convex analysis (Murota, Tutorial paper based on convex optimization (Bach, 2011b).19 May 2014

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