Any of you use Plex with a NAS?

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      I host lots of movies/tv series on my main computer. It is available for friends and family who live both in and outside the house.
      The downside to running the server where i do is i have to keep my comp running 24/7 which is not ideal.

      So i’m gonna set up a mac mini and NAS to handle it all. Any of you use plex regularly or have a home set up using it?

      Picking the NAS to use has me wondering which NAS yall use. Merith, do you still use your DROBO? I read so many bad things about their dependability/speed issues that it makes me nervous to get one, but they sound so amazing with their features.

      Lemme know what yall use.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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