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      26 Apr 2016 I don’t know if anyone else can confirm but I believe that this is the order (at least for NM4 Incursion): Edit – seems like this might be random.
      10 Feb 2015 Incursion gamemode is currently the hardest one for Dungeon Defenders II and offers you two maps where you can face its challenges. One of
      18 Aug 2018
      What is Dungeon Defenders II? Dungeon Defenders II is a cooperative Action Tower Defense game, packed with role-playing elements like
      Upon completing the incursion you permanently unlock a special weapon, which can be purchased from the Wayfarer for 500 defender medals. Retrieved from
      16 Aug 2018
      15 Aug 2018
      17 Aug 2018
      11 Aug 2017 Squire ans Dryad Solo Play. Jump to the Slimes when you have alot Assassins on you. Concentration on getting Books ans bringing them to8 Oct 2016

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